From left to right we have:

->Mysterious Christmas Present (limited time!) – Fairy (gold)

-> Surprise Christmas Present (limited time!) snowball throwers (gold)

-> Unexpected Christmas Present (limited time!) Peek-a-boo (gold)

-> Puzzling Christmas Present (limited time!) fruit trio plushies (coin)

-> Elusive Christmas Present (limited time!) House (coin)

-> Secret Christmas Present (limited time!) (Tiger trio plushies (coin)


  1. Can anyone answer the question–Where can you find the coin mystery gifts or is it a typo that they exist?

    • The Coin Mystery Gift boxes are in the petshop. Just type in Present in the search bar and sift through them. There were 3 of them released a few weeks ago. Their were also 3 Gold Mystery Gift Boxes released at the same time. Coin mystery boxes were 1000 coins a piece. Hope that helps.

      • Thanks so much. Found a new friend and she was able to help too. Now know what to look for in the future.

  2. Where do you find these mystery gifts? I have been through all shopping categories and do not locate them. Could a link be in this week’s newsletter I didn’t receive? Thanks!

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