New Year’s Eve Downtown

Party Popper Penguin

Confetti Popping Chicken

New Year Kissing Plushies

Celebrating New Years Plushie

Countdown Plasma Screen

Hair Drying Barber Plushies

Hair Cutting Barber Plushies

Mrs. Pettipet’s Makeover

Fancy Barber Shop Sign

Ol’ Fashioned Barber Pole

Wintertime Barber Shop

Blue Flowering Vine (USER CREATED)

Mexican Jumping Bean (USER CREATED)

Red Flowering Vine (USER CREATED)

Dancing Baby New Year (SHEEP)

Father Turtle Time Plushie

Kinara Lighting Plushie (SHEEP & fROG)

Introducing a Countdown Ball! Watch it countdown the days to the New Year!

–Special 2010 Countdown Ball (limited time!)

Winter Mystery Box

–Waving Snowman

–Snow Fighting Plushies (SHEEP & TIGER)

–Alpine Ski Resort (SHEEP & TIGER)


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