GOLD LEAK FOR 01/01 & 01/04

Winter Cardinals
Dreaming Bella
Winter Cabin Window
Melting Snow Chicken
Chipper Shoveler Penguin

Land of Petnia
Meowdis the White Witch (kitty)
Mr. Chimpus the Satyr (monkey)
The Unicorn of Eternity
Princess Unibunny
Kitty Witch Plushie
Magical Monkey Wizard Plushie
A Penguin Plushie and his Potion
Tay Tay Plushie (chihuahua)
Magician’s Aqua Torch
Magician’s Blue Torch
Magician’s Orange Torch
Magician’s Green Torch
Magician’s Torch Pack
Wardrobe to Petnia
Portal of Wizardry
Minnie the Kitty
Ookpik the Snowy Owl
Cozy Winter Home
Evil Floating Book
Glowing Magic Circle

2 Responses to “GOLD LEAK FOR 01/01 & 01/04”

  1. Wish you can show the pictures of the gold items before they come out. I have to get up at 3 in the morning to see the new stuff and to buy it before it’s “Sold Out” or before the prices go up. Which bites cause I get up at 4:15 in the morning for work. I would LOVE to see the item and to get an idea if its worth getting up early or not. I hate when its something I won’t buy and then try to fall back asleep for an hour. I know whine whine whine. It would just be nice to know in advance…that’s all. 🙂

    • We would also LOVE to see the pics. Since June or July Slide has changed a lot of things. We aren’t able to get pre-release pics anymore. Also just a little reminder… none of the staff on this blog work for slide. We all volunteer our time to put out all of this information.

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