Changes to the Training Program

Hey Everyone!

We here at SPP adore the Training Program, and we love everybody’s enthusiasm for it! We know that it’s a great way for all of you to help your friends, receive great items and coins, and even make new friends in the process! The positive feedback that we constantly get about the Training Program has been amazing, so thank you!

The intention of the Training Program is to reward people for helping new friends with their pets. However, we have also found that some people have been taking unfair advantage of this program.

So we have a come up with a solution to make the SPP Community more balanced while keeping the fun of the Training Program for those of us who love it. In order to keep the Superpoke! Pets Community positive, fun, and friendly to all, we have decided to adjust the program rewards as follows:

Trainee badge will reward 250 coins
Trainee level 1 will reward 500 coins
Trainee level 3 will reward 1500 coins
Trainers can graduate a maximum of 30 trainees per month (Which should be enough for most trainers!)

I’m happy to say that the Training Program is here to stay so you can still help friends and meet new people! However, we must adjust the reward logic to address the gaming of the program by creating fake accounts in order to earn more coins to hoard items in the Pet Shop. Creating multiple accounts is against Facebook’s policy as well and has made it unfair for the rest of the Community.

While we are adjusting the rewards, we are going to be adding rewards to features we have now, and will have in the future. As a first step, we will be increasing the coin rewards you can receive from Gardening items!

The adjustments to the Training Program will be happening soon. We would love to hear your thoughts on this, so please feel free to share! Again, thank you so much for understanding, we are doing our best to keep this Community and SuperPoke! Pets the best Community out there.



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