NEW GARDEN SEED (images pending)

The Winter Rose Seed

8 hours – 3 to 3 items

fertilizers – Both Color and Gold

White Frosted Rose

Red Frosted Rose

Blue Frosted Rose

The Winter Rose Fairy (GOLD)


3 Responses to “NEW GARDEN SEED (images pending)”

  1. Lame if you ask me

  2. kitties4me Says:

    Ya call those Winter Roses? Where is the creativity? The colors I thought would be included? (green stems/leaves, the pretty pink color in the photo of teh seed in the shop? Another blunder for SPP/Slide. I refuse to buy Gold fertilizer to get the Rose Fairy…

  3. Awesome! I can not wait to buy and plant these. I hate that there is just nothing to buy in the store as far as flowers or plants go. I think that having more seeds so that we can actually grow our own plants and flowers in our gardens is a must.

    Thank you for the new seeds and please keep them in the store and come up with some more that we can plant and grow.


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