Flying PetAir Express
PetAir Pilot
PetAir Flight Attendant
PetAir Plane Meal
PetAir Tiny Pillow
Luggage Handler
PetAir Food Cart
PetAir Airline Ticket
Rolling Brown Luggage
Leather Travel Satchel
Red Travel Bag
Forgotten Luggage
Bunny Passport
Chicken Passport
Dragon Passport
Frog Passport
Kitty Passport
Monkey Passport
Panda Passport
Penguin Passport
Piggy Passport
Puppy Passport
Sheep Passport
Tiger Passport
Turtle Passport
The Flopper Family Pack
-Daddy Duke Flopper
-Little Lacey Flopper
-Mama Maude Flopper
Ice Princess’ Lantern (rare)
Mountain Ice Skating Rink
Jazz Night Club
Jazz Conga Drum
Jazz Banjo
Jazz Trumpet
Jazz Saxophone
Black Night Club Table
Baby Grand Piano in Black
Baby Grand Piano in White
Black Piano Stool
White Piano Stool
Plushie-sized Flapper hat ***This is NOT an accessory, it will not attach to your pet.
Plushie-sized Jazz Hat ***This is NOT an accessory, it will not attach to your pet.
Plushie-sized Charleston Hat ***This is NOT an accessory, it will not attach to your pet.
Jazz Cane
Arctic Ice Land
Harp Seal Plushie (rare)
Jazz Bass
Arctic Polar Bear
Sled Dog Plushie
Icy Snowflakes
Feathered Arctic Spear
Icy Ice Caps
Icy Arctic Igloo
Australia Day Tiger Plushie
Australia Day Koala Bear Plushie
Australia Day Balloons
Australian Flag
Skating Bunny Ballerina
Black Skating Gloves
White Skating Gloves
Green Ice Skates
Pink Ice Skates
White Ice Skates
Blue Sport Skates
Red Sport Skates
Yellow Sport Skates
Grey Thermos
Fancy Powdered Wig
PetAir Sleeping Mask
Black Knitted Winter Hat
White Knitted Winter Hat
Jazz Cloche Hat
Black Top Hat and Feather
Red Top Hat and Feather
Green Top Hat and Feather
Australian Hat
Australian Glasses
Fuzzy Wuzzy Hat


70’s Retro Table
Groovy Green Phone
Flowery Bean Bag Chair
Staying Groovy Sheepolta Plushie
Vintage Pet Pinball


3 Responses to “COIN LEAK & NEW CLUB ITEMS!”

  1. kitties4me Says:

    Once again, SLIDE is not using creativity in the matter. Notice: the Flower Beanbag is a replica of the 2009 Halloween Pumpkin Beanbag? Minus the green stem & add flowers. The grren phone is hideous, JMO. Items are way overpriced. Not good quality. i thought Club items were a “perk” or incentive? At least FREE or low-cost…

  2. tabbykat2010 Says:

    is it me or is everyone else who bought club items at 20,000 coins for one item a little mad that with in hours SPP dropped the price to 2,000 coins? Thats just wrong and rest assured I wont buy them anymore. Are we going to get the difference back? No. I understand this is a game and no real money was involved but my real time was to attain the high lever of coins needed to purchase the item at 20 thousand coins….

    • there was an announcement in the forum after release that if you bought the club items at the 20,000 each price you will be seeing a credit for the difference. They agreed with some of the players that the 20,000 coin price was very steep for players to be paying.

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