GOLD LEAK 01/11/2010

Shinobi Tortoises’ Hangout
Floating Chicken Astronut
Spinning Galaxy
Stevie the Kitty
Cosmic Space Shuttle
The Big Universe
Glowing Space Sign
Superpet Idol Center Stage
Pengy Chapetlin
Fanny the Flapper (monkey)
Dancin’ Danny (tiger)
Space Explorer Helmet
Rainbow Shooting Stars

The chipper brother of the Shinobi Tortoises!
Baff the Shinobi Tortoise
Ronnie the Shinobi Tortoise
Smiley the Shinobi Tortoise
Neo the Shinobi Tortoise


6 Responses to “GOLD LEAK 01/11/2010”

  1. sppdragonawesomeness Says:

    It’s a good thing these guys are able to get even the names. About a year ago, if you went into the Gold section of the shop & right-clicked on a picture, copy-pasted the picture’s URL into your browser & played around with the numbers towards the end, you could get a picture of it. They caught wind of it & disabled the right-click. Up until someone randomly figured out how to do that, the gold stuff was a surprise to everyone. It was the same things with the coin items. I apprecitate the time & effort you all put into finding what info you can for us! Keep up the good work!

  2. pardalisgirl Says:

    Come on people. What is the big deal about images? These guys are working hard to get us the information they’re getting us. I don’t understand why everyone is always asking for more. They’re just players, doing this for fun. Give the images a rest.

  3. francisco532 Says:

    How do you get the names anyways?

  4. marynllysss Says:

    Are there no pictures available yet?

    • as stated in the penguin seeds reply, we apologize for not being able to obtain images before release. Though since we are not a branch of Slide company and common users like yourself we too have to wait for the release to be able to obtain these images. We wish it was possible, but at this time it is not. The names of the items are the best we can do for you. Have a great weekend!

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