Baby Boo the Penguin (NO FERTILIZER)

Macaroni the Penguin (RED FERTILIZER)

Magellan the Penguin (BLUE FERTILIZER)

Surfing Royal and Reina

6 Responses to “PENGUIN SEED”

  1. fallenhope Says:

    These are by far the worst harvests for a type of seed. I will definitely make sure to check here first before wasting gold fertilizer.

  2. sppdragonawesomeness Says:

    I saw someone on the PayPal thread with the Baby Boo in their habitat & had it listed as a TM!!! FOR $10!!

  3. omg omg the red a blue feratalizers made the best!! the gold is just kinda creepy….

  4. kitties4me Says:

    I feel Addicts is doing what they can to at least provide this information to us. The least we could do is give them the respect they deserve for even having this site up. Great job, Addicts!
    I think even without pix of items you guys rock!

  5. marynllysss Says:

    WHERE are the pictures? They didn’t post or you don’t have them available yet?

    • pictures are now up for the penguin seeds. We here as SPP ADDICT’s have to wait for us or someone to harvest them before we can obtain any images for the garden seeds. We apologize for this, but we do not actually work for Slide. We are users just the same as you. Glad to get you images and updates when we have them though. Hope they help! Happy Harvesting.

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