To Boycott or Not To Boycott That Is The Question


There is a new posting in the spp forum playground threads. If you would like to keep informed on this ongoing chat with slide and it’s community please take a minute to stop in, read up. We ask you to follow what this user request in his thread. Keep your comments and postings done in a friendly manner, thank you. We here at SPP ADDICTS do not take a side on this matter, but we do wish to keep you updated on any and all updates happening on the game of Super Poke Pets.

  • Answers for: A Call From SLIDE, But Are You Really Listening?
  • It seems to be that the SPP community has organized a boycott of gold and coin buying till Slide can fix the problems with the site.  The glitches, eating of items and the under lack of customer service.  On Addict we have always strove to not take sides.  We are still going to continue to do so.  We also feel that as a site we are dedicated to keeping its players updated on the activities of the App it is our responsibility to keep its players updated on the good AND the bad.

    There are several players that we are aware of that have contacted a lawyer regarding the issues with SuperPoke Pets.  They, as cash paying players have that right.  If an item you paid real world money for disappears at no fault of your own then the company, in this case Slide, has the responsibility to there customers to either replace the item or give the buyer a knowledgeable response to why it is missing.  So far Slide has not fulfilled there end of the bargain.


    One Response to “To Boycott or Not To Boycott That Is The Question”

    1. kitties4me Says:

      I feel a Coin Boycott will be next. It may not matter nor make a difference to SLIDE because Coin items are free even though we work hard for them!

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