White Out

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White Out

Dated for Jan. 12th from noon to midnight on your personal time zone.

The thread listed in “To Boycott or Not To Boycott” has stated by its posters and fellow spp users this:

Put your pet in a Winter habitat and a black ribbon in the top right corner of the habitat (black ribbon can be found in the “causes” tab in the petshop – unlimited stock)

Also, this “White Out” is to NOT log into Super Poke Pets for those 12 hours.

Answers for: A Call From SLIDE, But Are You Really Listening?


3 Responses to “White Out”

  1. katriona1 Says:

    I think the White Out is really foolish and won’t change a thing. If so many of the trainers hadn’t abused the program by accepting gold from the club leaders in exchange for spending their coins and bringing their trainees into the clubs (once trained their training, earning high coin and spending in exchange for gold as well.) they wouldn’t have needed to change the program to make it fair for all.

    The good clubs who are working their butts off to earn their scores without cheating can’t get onto page one because we can’t compete with the trainers who have treated the training business like a professional coin machine and turned it into a business for themselves. Hey trainers, you reap what you sow. Wake up already!!! Your free ride on the gold train is over! Get over it!!! You’ll get no help with your boycott from me and that’s a promise.

    I’m sick of hearing the whiners who always have one problem after another with slide and/or SPP. This is a FREE online game!! They could be charging us to play. I’m ill and this game entertains me ALL DAY LONG while I’m homebound. I can’t thank SPP and SLIDE enough for coming into my life and getting me out of bed and away from all my books. Yes I still give time to my books, but now I spend more time online and am making friends and having fun. All at no cost unless I choose to spend. That is also by choice. I can play this game all day long for absolutely nothing, no cost!!! What’s wrong with you people already!!! You are looking a gift horse in the mouth and I for one certainly hope they don’t shut the game down. That would punish all of us for the behavior of idiots.

    Katriona Solas

  2. kitties4me Says:

    I`ll bet it may last a bit longer for some people. A few players have stopped logging in already.

    • fallenhope Says:

      These protests never really accomplish anything. They’ve already made the change to the program. It won’t be long before it goes under. I should sell my stuff now and get out while I can.

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