Hi Everyone,

We’ve noticed that you all are amazing gardeners. So far, we have received very helpful feedback to make gardening even better and a lot more fun for you to harvest items and earn coins!!

Here are the changes. Please read carefully smile


*Before, you had to consistently water to harvest the maximum number of items. Instead, watering now controls whether or not your plant will continue to grow. This means, if the watering meter on your plant is empty, the plant will stop growing.

*You will be rewarded 5 SPP Points and 5 coins each time you water your own plant.

*You will be rewarded 10 coins for watering your friend’s plant and you can water up to 50 times a day.

*You may come back to your garden and water the plant as long as the water meter is not full.

Garden Toolbar Enhancements

Now, when you hover over the seed on the toolbar, you will see number of hours the plant takes to grow, number of items that you can harvest, and the type of fertilizers you can use right in your Garden so you don’t have to go back to the Pet Shop to check all these information!

And this is how it looks when you hover over on your fertilizer. You can see the amount of fertilizer you have in your Garden and a brief description of what the fertilizer does.

Also, we added this progress bar for your plan so you can keep track of them easier wink

For example,

This shows the name of seed that you are growing. “X3” means the number of items you will be harvesting.

The blue bar is water meter where you can see if your plan needs watering. Here, my bar is full so for now I don’t need to water it smile The green bar is progress bar to tell us how long it will take you to fully grow the plant. Here, my progress bar is empty, which means I will come back to take care of it a bit later smile

This shows which fertilizer you are using with your plant. If you are using gold, blue, or red, the little fertilizer bag will have respective color. Since I am not using any fertilizer, it’s just empty now smile

Seed Changes

We made some changes to existing seeds so you can grow them faster! If you have these seeds in your account, the change will be affected.

Jelly Bean Seed
Cost 10 coins
Grows in 5 minutes
Recycle 20 coins
Yield 1

Small Petgo Block
Cost 25 coins
Grows in 1 hour
Recycle 75 coins
Yield 2

Large Petgo Block
Cost 50 coins
Grows in 4 hours
Recycle 120 coins
Yield 2

As a proud owner of Botanist badge, I am super excited about these enhancements smile

Hope you enjoy your garden to the max!

Happy Gardening smile



((actually announced on Jan 08, 2010 06:11 PM))

Hey Everyone smile

We are going to have new seeds for all of you coming out twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday, so don’t forget to find them in the Pet Shop!!

We will continue to make adorable new seeds for all of you to share each and every week. You may even be surprised by what we come up with!

Enjoy and have fun!



3 Responses to “NEW GARDEN FEATURES”

  1. Many people use some seeds for “cash” crops. That said, my issue with new garden rules is that I am forced to make a decision on which friends and how much I can water. If they want to set a limit on coins or pts that’s one thing but don’t penalize my friends and their gardens by limiting my ability to help them

  2. Sarah Marie Says:

    Hey Elin! When the garden first came out, I was very skeptical about whether I would enjoy it at all. Now I love it; though, things like Petgos and jelly beans are rather useless as far as I’m concerned. However, I’m sure there are those creative people who enjoy making use of them.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come out with some other colors for the fertilizers….green, purple, yellow, orange, cinnamon, sparkle, polka dot, striped, mixable colors…SOMETHING..Please??? Pretty please?

    • I think those ideas for the new fertilizer colors are great!!! Go post them in the forum for them to see. I would love to see sparkle, green, purple, yellow and other colors of fertilizer.

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