Petgating at the Stadium
McPet Fastfood Restaurant
Petaissance Fair Habitat
Magical Forest Lake
Lovely Tiled Bathroom
Tailgating BBQ Fork
Red Tailgating BBQ
Tailgating BBQ Burgers
Tailgating Camping Car
Blue Tailgating Cooler
Green Drinking Cup
Red Drinking Cup
Blue Tailgating Folding Chair
Blue Tailgating Folding Table
Tailgating Meat
Tailgating Blue Sign
McPet Penguin Employee Plushie
McPet Yummy Burger
McPet Burger Poster
McPet Cola’,’tags
McPet Chocolate Shake
McPet Strawberry Shake
McPet Vanilla Shake
McPet Yellow Table
McPet Turtle Employee Plushie
McPet Juicer
McPet Pie
McPet Register
McPet Tray
McPet White Chair
McPet White Table
McPet Wrapped Burger
McPet Yellow Chair
Petaissance Fair Silver Shield
Petaissance Fair Gold Shield
Petaissance Fair Silver Sword
Petaissance Fair Gold Sword
Petaissance Fair Winged Gold Sword (rare)
Petaissance Fair Trumpety Trumpet
Petaissance Fair Stoned Sword
Petaissance Fair War Horse
Petaissance Fair Trumpeter Plushie (chicken)
Petaissance Fair Knight Plushie (tiger)
Petaissance Silver Helmet
Petaissance Gold Helmet
Petaissance Princess Hat
Lovely Blue Sink
Lovely Pink Toilet
Lovely Blue Toilet
Cute Mini Wash Towel
Lovely Pink Sink
Cute Little Wash Towel
Honeysuckle Soap
Sweet Strawberry Soap
Green Pumice Stone
Purple Pumice Stone
Lovely Dotty Shower Curtain
Lovely Dotty Bathtub
Lovely Pink Toilet Roll
Lovely Blue Toilet Roll
Lovely Pink Bath Mat
Lovely Blue Bath Mat
Sweet Apple Soap
Sweet Blueberry Soap
PetLouvre Curator Clipboard
PetLouvre Map
PetLouvre Lamp Post
PetLouvre Art
PetLouvre Curator Pencil
PetLouvre Statue
PetLouvre Tickets
PetLouvre Wall Candles
PetLouvre Curator Glass
PetLouvre Curator Glasses
PetLouvre Vase
Smudged Art Easel
PetLouvre Hat
The PetLouvre

What craftsmanship! Check back every week for your favorite pet’s sculpture.
-Bunny Ice Sculpture
-Penguin Ice Sculpture
-Sheep Ice Sculpture

Are you a true Ice Princess? Collect everything in the luxurious Ice Set!
-Statue of the Ice Princess (rare)


2 Responses to “COIN LEAK”

  1. wendychurch Says:

    umm….. where’s the Magical Forest Lake?

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