**GOLD** 01/18/2010
On the Open Road
Hitch-Hiking Plushie (panda)
Lost Tiger Plushie
Touristy Turtle
Truck Packing Plushie (monkey)
Tire Changing Kitty
Basketball Buddy (monkey)
Peppy Panda Trainer
Exercising Sheep
Weight Lifting Piggy
Yoga Plushie (kitty)
Bubbling Bathtub
Football Fumble Glasses
Soda Lovers Hat
24 Hour Petness
In this cute pack you will get the cute and adorable penguin, pig and dragon bath toys separately!
Fun with Bath Toys
-Dragon Bath Toy
-Penguin Bath Toy
-Pig Bath Toy

**Coin** 01/18/2010

Shinobi Villain Plushie Pack
-Petsteady Plushie (rhino)
-PigBop Plushie
-Scratcher Plushie (panda)
Pet Gym Dumbbell
Pet Gym Mats
Pet Gym Towel Cart
Pet Gym Weight Bar

5 Responses to “GOLD & COIN MIX LEAK”

  1. kitties4me Says:

    anyone else getting the “FAIL” page when they log in to SPP?

  2. Cool….just found this place!!

  3. And I have a question. There will be a coin release Monday?

  4. Hi. Can I put this Leaks on my blog? It`s about SPP too, but it`s in romanian.

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