Hi everyone,

As we’re sure you all know by now, earlier this week the country of Haiti was devastated by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. Our hearts go out to all those affected, and in the wake of this tragic event, Slide and its employees have started a donation pool to aid in the global Haiti relief efforts.

In addition to the contributions we are making, we want to invite the SPP Community to show your support. We just released Haiti-themed coin and gold items in the Pet Shop. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Gold items will be donated to the American Red Cross’ relief efforts in Haiti.

Donating to this cause is only part of what we can do here, though. We can show our support for the people of Haiti the SPP way by using these items to decorate your habitat and send a message of love and goodwill. Share your habitats in this thread, and let’s show how many of our hearts are with Haiti here in the SPP Community!

Thanks everyone. Let’s do our best to help the people of Haiti when they need it most.



  1. tabbykat2010 Says:

    we had a good experience with the Red Cross. I dont really think it is appropriate to come on here and talk bad about them. The Red Cross has to pay the people who work for them as well. They do have overhead like every other company in the world. Each situation is different as well. The Red Cross paid for our family to reutrn home during an emergency while stationed many hours away. My neighbors just lost their home to a fire and have small children….the Red Cross is helping them. I am sorry for your troubles you had with them, but I admire SPP for stepping up to the plate and I have purchased what I could on my fixed income. Thank You SPP!!! God Bless you HAITI.

  2. msrountree Says:

    Did you know that only ten cents on the dollar goes to Haiti if you give it to Red Cross? I personally will not give one red cent to red cross. If I knew 100% of the money was actually going to the victims I would buy several Haiti gold items. I was a victim once. I was pregnant with 2 small children 1 and 3 at the time. My apartment burned and Red Cross told me “Sorry there is nothing we can do to help you” I was homeless, no food, no clothes , with 2 children and pregnant. WOW. I got help from Salvation Army and this Catholic Church. The church helped me get clothes for my children. Salvation army gave us a place to stay and food until I could get another place to stay. Red Cross may help some … yeah a dime for every dollar is used to help. That is sad.

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