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It has come to our attention that there are other Addict sites for Superpoke Pets. While we think that is a great thing we also find ourselves stuck.  The other sites have, for months, been copying our content directly.   We would generally share this information but copying information without citing where you got it from is against copyright  laws.    Yes here at Addict we do publish public information from SuperPoke Pets but we always cite our source where possible. So we are asking any site that has taken content from SPP Addict to remove it immediately.

8 Responses to “Copyright ©”

  1. jmolina2211 Says:

    I wonder if any of them post the leak list BEFORE the items actually come out.

    • pardalisgirl Says:

      You obviously haven’t been privy to this site for very long, jmolina, because generally speaking, they DO post the leak before the items come out. We’re lucky to get a leak at all. *rolls eyes*

  2. well were the new stuff for tonight guys lol, please dont stop just because there copying 🙂 Gary

  3. winslowfarm Says:

    Copyright protects original works of authorship that are fixed in tangible form. The essential condition that the law requires is that the work is original.

  4. phatanfine Says:

    Personally I have never came across any other spp sites and if i do… Im a very out spoken person so now fear I would be the first if not the 2nd or the 3rd to let them know how wrong they are! Whats wrong with people taking from others! U have other sites takin from urs all the hard work then u have so called trainer sights who make tags steelin other peoples tags that they worked hard on and then spp taking gold out of accounts!! This is just getting pitaful!

  5. pardalisgirl Says:

    I’ve never seen any other addict sites, but if that is really going on, its terrible. They should certainly be citing you guys. We all know how much hard work you put into this site and it isn’t fair that others are just riding your coat tails!

  6. And I saw that you wrote that there are other sites that is copying yours. I can have their link?

  7. If this post refers to the fact that I have posted some information from your blog to mine, I tell you I don`t “copy your content directly”, and if I did that, I’ve always said at the end of posting” By SPP Addict. Almost all information about the SPP we have taken from the Forum, from other users or directly from Admins.
    My blog is for the Romanian users, who may not know too much English.
    Thanks and have a good day!

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