GOLD LEAK (01/25)

The Blue Lava Lamp
The Grandfather Clock
Penguin Pan Magical Painting
Flying Penguin Pan Plushie
Pink Rose Vase
The Darlings
Captain Claw’s Walk the Plank
Inside the Clock Tower
Super High Tech Headquarters
Super Stretchy Sylvia (chicken)
Mighty Manny (sheep-the thing)
Jetspeed Joseph (turtle-flash)
Glow-Eyes Giovanni (monkey-cyclops)
Incredible Changing Hero (tiger-superman)
Super-Sister Vicki (penguin-supergirl)
Who will win? Watch the epic battle of two plushies!
-Epic Battle (panda,dragon)
What an incredible team! In this pack you get three plushie superheroes!
-The Triumphant Threesome
This accessory will make your pet sparkly!
-Pixie Dust


2 Responses to “GOLD LEAK (01/25)”

  1. Do the grandfather clocks actually keep time?

  2. wow, enuff at once already. why not have the less is more approach ???

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