Web Hosting

Recently we have been looking into web hosting for Addict.  This would allow us more picture storage along with our own personalized web address.  It would also give us the tools to better copyright content on this site.  We have found a web hosting site that we think would work for us.  Our question for you is would any of you be willing to help us foot the $50 a year annual cost in small donations by you, our fellow SPP community, to keep SPP Addict going if we went that direction?

Donations would be taken through Paypal on an account created specifically for this purpose.  Before we go any farther with this idea we wanted to hear from our readers.


4 Responses to “Web Hosting”

  1. ninazdesign Says:

    would this give us unlimited storage space for all our items, so we do NOT need to send our items to different accounts?

    If so, I could pay ….

    • No this would be for SPP Addict only. It would not affect your account on SPP or with Slide in any way.

      • ninazdesign Says:

        what goods will it leave us the users?

      • It will leave you with this site. For us to publish this site we are needing more space for photos and other things. A web host will allow us to be able to expand and continue to show photos of spp items.

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