New Bitty Pets!


I don’t know how many people out there still come to see us but we are here if you ever need anything.  I wanted to update all you SPP Addicts out there that there is now a new app called Bitty Pets. So far from playing with my new pet Foxy Lady it is running close to if not better than SPP ever did.  Also our very own Nick has already started Bitty Pets Addict!  Go by there and say HI!

Though I am not around much anymore I will try my best to update all of my wonderful followers (if there are any left) of any changes.  Of course you could just migrate over to see Nick.  Tell him I sent you!  LOL


3 Responses to “New Bitty Pets!”


  2. Hi! I’ve been creating a physical scrapbook of all my old habitats, but unfortunately age is catching up to me. I can’t remember all the names. SPP Store has been really helpful, but there are few images anymore. Would you be able to help me name a few habs? OR can you point me to someone who can?

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