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Spa ‘Cumbers
Spa Towel Wrap
Spa Oranges
Romantic Bunch of Roses
Tabletop Candlestick Trio
Romantic Chocolate Box
Romantic Diner Chair
Romantic Diner Table
True Love’s Engagement Box
Plastic Red Heart
Romantic Chocolate Cake
Plate of Heart Candy
Romantic Pink Rose
Romantic Red Rose
Romantic White Rose
Romantic Yellow Rose
Romantic Tabletop Roses
Romantic Diner Glass
Lovely PetSpa
White Spa Flower
Spa Flower
Green Tea Spa Soap
Spa Soap Stones
Rolled Up Spa Towel
Ocean Spa Candle
Fresh Breeze Spa Candle
Kitty Spa Plushie (rare)
Monkey Spa Plushie (rare)
Piggy Spa Plushie (rare)
Small Spa Stone
Spa Stone’,’tags
Smooth Spa Stone
Bowl of Fragrant Flowers
Blue Spa Bed
White Spa Bed
Wooden Spa Table
Becca at The Spa (penguin)
Gloria at the Spa (chicken)
Spa Spout
Green Spa Oil
Yellow Spa Oil
Red Spa Oil
Spa Lunch
Petly Cup
USA Hockey Turtle Plushie
Wooden Hockey Stick
USA Hockey Stick
Canadian Hockey Stick
Canadian Hockey Sheep Plushie
Petly Cup Hockey Puck
Computer Fan
Computer Tiger Plushie (rare)
Green Computer Table
Black Computer Table
Green Computer Side Table
Black Computer Side Table
Computer Plant
Computer Chip Picture’
Green Computer Lamp
Black Computer Lamp
Green Computer Dresser
Black Computer Dresser
Green Computer Couch
Black Computer Couch
Geek Alert Habitat
Petly Cup Rink
Hollywood Chihuahua Purse
American Hockey Helmet
American Goalie Hockey Helmet

Are you a true Ice Princess? Collect everything in the luxurious Ice Set!
-Beloved Snowflake (rare)
-Cherished Snowflake (rare)
-Treasured Snowflake (rare)
-Most Favorite Snowflake (rare)
Ice Princess’ Favorite Snowflakes

What craftsmanship! Check back every week for your favorite pet’s sculpture.
Doggy Ice Sculpture
Frog Ice Sculpture
Tiger Ice Sculpture


COIN LEAK (01/25)

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Dark Cape
Bright Cape
Cyborg Glasses
Dark Mask
Hero Metal Mask
Yellow Super Mask
Gallant Cape


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Toy Tin Rocket

Toy Tin Robot

Toy Tin Airplane

Toy Tin Zeppelin

Toy Tin Car

Coin Leak

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Modern House Living Room
Glee the Second Mate
Chicken Ice Sculpture
Dragon Ice Sculpture
Piggy Ice Sculpture
Modern Glass Table
Modern House Table
Modern House Sofa
Modern House Couch
Modern House Lamp
Ice Princess Furry Set (rare)
-Furry Princess Hat
-Furry Princess Glove
Captain Claw Hat
Penguin Pan Hat
First Mate Pirate Hat
Kitty Bell Wings
Fancy Old Victorian White Wig
Fancy Old Victorian Black Wig
Old Victorian Room
Old Victorian Emerald Couch
Old Victorian Ruby Couch
Old Victorian Violet Couch
Old Victorian Home Emerald Chair
Old Victorian Home Ruby Chair
Old Victorian Home Violet Chair
Old Victorian TeaPot
Old Victorian TeaCups
Old Victorian Vintage Mirror
Old Victorian Home Chandelier
Old Victorian Home Bird Cage
Old Victorian Window
Always Always Land
Bag of Marbles
Captain Claw Plushie (rare)
Fancy Dancy Clock
Pig Darling Plushie
Penguin Pan Plushie
Dragon Darling Plushie
Fancy Little Pocket Watch
Wooden Slingshot
Captain Claw’s Sword
Kitten Bell Plushie
Bunny Darling Plushie
Wooden Stump Chair
Wooden Leafy Bed
Wooden Tree Table
Tick Tock Crocodile Clock
January Chicken Plushie
January Dog Plushie
January Dragon Plushie
January Frog Plushie
January Kitty Plushie
January Monkey Plushie
January Panda Plushie
January Penguin Plushie
January Pig Plushie
January Bunny Plushie
January Sheep Plushie
January Tiger Plushie
January Turtle Plushie
Sunken Shipwrecked Ship
Clowny Clown Fish
Bubbly Bubbles
The Underwater Castle
The Underwater Treasure Chest
Orangy the Tropical Fish
Blue the Tropical Fish
Diver Monkey Plushie
Diver Pig Plushie
Diver Sheep Plushie
The Perfect Pearl
Very, Very Purple Coral
Very, Very Pink Coral
Very, Very Aqua Coral
Greeny Seaweed
Mighty White Trident
Mighty Blue Trident
Mighty Red Trident
An Underwater Paradise


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**GOLD** 01/18/2010
On the Open Road
Hitch-Hiking Plushie (panda)
Lost Tiger Plushie
Touristy Turtle
Truck Packing Plushie (monkey)
Tire Changing Kitty
Basketball Buddy (monkey)
Peppy Panda Trainer
Exercising Sheep
Weight Lifting Piggy
Yoga Plushie (kitty)
Bubbling Bathtub
Football Fumble Glasses
Soda Lovers Hat
24 Hour Petness
In this cute pack you will get the cute and adorable penguin, pig and dragon bath toys separately!
Fun with Bath Toys
-Dragon Bath Toy
-Penguin Bath Toy
-Pig Bath Toy

**Coin** 01/18/2010

Shinobi Villain Plushie Pack
-Petsteady Plushie (rhino)
-PigBop Plushie
-Scratcher Plushie (panda)
Pet Gym Dumbbell
Pet Gym Mats
Pet Gym Towel Cart
Pet Gym Weight Bar


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Petgating at the Stadium
McPet Fastfood Restaurant
Petaissance Fair Habitat
Magical Forest Lake
Lovely Tiled Bathroom
Tailgating BBQ Fork
Red Tailgating BBQ
Tailgating BBQ Burgers
Tailgating Camping Car
Blue Tailgating Cooler
Green Drinking Cup
Red Drinking Cup
Blue Tailgating Folding Chair
Blue Tailgating Folding Table
Tailgating Meat
Tailgating Blue Sign
McPet Penguin Employee Plushie
McPet Yummy Burger
McPet Burger Poster
McPet Cola’,’tags
McPet Chocolate Shake
McPet Strawberry Shake
McPet Vanilla Shake
McPet Yellow Table
McPet Turtle Employee Plushie
McPet Juicer
McPet Pie
McPet Register
McPet Tray
McPet White Chair
McPet White Table
McPet Wrapped Burger
McPet Yellow Chair
Petaissance Fair Silver Shield
Petaissance Fair Gold Shield
Petaissance Fair Silver Sword
Petaissance Fair Gold Sword
Petaissance Fair Winged Gold Sword (rare)
Petaissance Fair Trumpety Trumpet
Petaissance Fair Stoned Sword
Petaissance Fair War Horse
Petaissance Fair Trumpeter Plushie (chicken)
Petaissance Fair Knight Plushie (tiger)
Petaissance Silver Helmet
Petaissance Gold Helmet
Petaissance Princess Hat
Lovely Blue Sink
Lovely Pink Toilet
Lovely Blue Toilet
Cute Mini Wash Towel
Lovely Pink Sink
Cute Little Wash Towel
Honeysuckle Soap
Sweet Strawberry Soap
Green Pumice Stone
Purple Pumice Stone
Lovely Dotty Shower Curtain
Lovely Dotty Bathtub
Lovely Pink Toilet Roll
Lovely Blue Toilet Roll
Lovely Pink Bath Mat
Lovely Blue Bath Mat
Sweet Apple Soap
Sweet Blueberry Soap
PetLouvre Curator Clipboard
PetLouvre Map
PetLouvre Lamp Post
PetLouvre Art
PetLouvre Curator Pencil
PetLouvre Statue
PetLouvre Tickets
PetLouvre Wall Candles
PetLouvre Curator Glass
PetLouvre Curator Glasses
PetLouvre Vase
Smudged Art Easel
PetLouvre Hat
The PetLouvre

What craftsmanship! Check back every week for your favorite pet’s sculpture.
-Bunny Ice Sculpture
-Penguin Ice Sculpture
-Sheep Ice Sculpture

Are you a true Ice Princess? Collect everything in the luxurious Ice Set!
-Statue of the Ice Princess (rare)


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Flying PetAir Express
PetAir Pilot
PetAir Flight Attendant
PetAir Plane Meal
PetAir Tiny Pillow
Luggage Handler
PetAir Food Cart
PetAir Airline Ticket
Rolling Brown Luggage
Leather Travel Satchel
Red Travel Bag
Forgotten Luggage
Bunny Passport
Chicken Passport
Dragon Passport
Frog Passport
Kitty Passport
Monkey Passport
Panda Passport
Penguin Passport
Piggy Passport
Puppy Passport
Sheep Passport
Tiger Passport
Turtle Passport
The Flopper Family Pack
-Daddy Duke Flopper
-Little Lacey Flopper
-Mama Maude Flopper
Ice Princess’ Lantern (rare)
Mountain Ice Skating Rink
Jazz Night Club
Jazz Conga Drum
Jazz Banjo
Jazz Trumpet
Jazz Saxophone
Black Night Club Table
Baby Grand Piano in Black
Baby Grand Piano in White
Black Piano Stool
White Piano Stool
Plushie-sized Flapper hat ***This is NOT an accessory, it will not attach to your pet.
Plushie-sized Jazz Hat ***This is NOT an accessory, it will not attach to your pet.
Plushie-sized Charleston Hat ***This is NOT an accessory, it will not attach to your pet.
Jazz Cane
Arctic Ice Land
Harp Seal Plushie (rare)
Jazz Bass
Arctic Polar Bear
Sled Dog Plushie
Icy Snowflakes
Feathered Arctic Spear
Icy Ice Caps
Icy Arctic Igloo
Australia Day Tiger Plushie
Australia Day Koala Bear Plushie
Australia Day Balloons
Australian Flag
Skating Bunny Ballerina
Black Skating Gloves
White Skating Gloves
Green Ice Skates
Pink Ice Skates
White Ice Skates
Blue Sport Skates
Red Sport Skates
Yellow Sport Skates
Grey Thermos
Fancy Powdered Wig
PetAir Sleeping Mask
Black Knitted Winter Hat
White Knitted Winter Hat
Jazz Cloche Hat
Black Top Hat and Feather
Red Top Hat and Feather
Green Top Hat and Feather
Australian Hat
Australian Glasses
Fuzzy Wuzzy Hat


70’s Retro Table
Groovy Green Phone
Flowery Bean Bag Chair
Staying Groovy Sheepolta Plushie
Vintage Pet Pinball