tonights gold leak

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‘Ice Cream Heart Cone’,
‘Ice Cream Chocolate Cone’
‘Ice Cream Swirl Cone’
‘Ice Cream Flower Cone’
“Own this yummy ice cream cone pack! Inside, you’ll get four separate delicious ice cream cones for your pet!”
‘Ice Cream Cone Pack’
‘Heart Plushie’

“What will you find inside this Mystery Box? Will it be the Ice Cream Balloon, or an adorable Little Girl and her Ice Cream Cone? Or could it be something else altogether?! There’s only one way to find out…”
‘Basic Mystery Box’
‘Ice Cream Balloon’,
Little Girl and her Ice Cream Cone’
‘An Enchanted Ice Cream House’

“Treat yourself to a Deluxe Mystery Box to see what exciting item you’ll get! Will it be Petpunzel’s Ever-Growing Hair, or Lovely Petpunzel? Or could it be something else altogether?! There’s only one way to find out…”,
‘Deluxe Mystery Box’
‘Heart Plushie’,”
Petpunzel’s Ever-Growing Hair”
Lovely Petpunzel’


Web Hosting

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Recently we have been looking into web hosting for Addict.  This would allow us more picture storage along with our own personalized web address.  It would also give us the tools to better copyright content on this site.  We have found a web hosting site that we think would work for us.  Our question for you is would any of you be willing to help us foot the $50 a year annual cost in small donations by you, our fellow SPP community, to keep SPP Addict going if we went that direction?

Donations would be taken through Paypal on an account created specifically for this purpose.  Before we go any farther with this idea we wanted to hear from our readers.

FREE GIFTS (social networks)

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Heavy Black Books

Busy Receptionist

Grecian Piggy Statue

ABC Badge

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Once you grow all 26 letters in the alphabet you will earn the ABC Collector Badge.  Have fun growing those letters.

Gold Release

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Hi Everyone,

Many of you expressed that you want to get to know us better and we’d love to get to know you too!

Here’s a photo of the team and the first of a series of posts where we’ll share our stories with you:

We are on SPP around the clock to ensure that there is always someone available to help the Community. Our team starts coming into the office around 7-8am and leaves as late as 4am (or stays overnight in some cases!) It’s hard work to keep up with the SPP Community, but your loving comments and positive feedback mean a lot and make it all worth while wink

About the SPP team:

– Our office is located in the heart of San Francisco. Despite what you may have heard about warm and sunny California weather, San Francisco is tends to stick around 50-60 degrees nearly year-round. Luckily for us, we still normally get lots of sunshine (except in the rainy season – right now smile)

– We have four dogs that rule our workspace: Uma, Moe, Taylor, and Lucy. Unfortunately, they weren’t in the office to participate in the photo-op due to the rainy weather.

– Each SPP team member works on community, engineering, product, design, customer support, or quality assurance. Together we design new content, create and release fun features, help in the forums, answer customer service tickets, fix bugs and issues that you guys find (thanks for all your help), and do thousand other little things to help make SPP a fun and enjoyable place to spend time.

– We come from all over the world with people from Mexico, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Scotland, China, Australia, India, Portugal, and all across the United States too!

Fun Facts:

– Hands Up: 78% of us are right-handed. Are you right-handed too?

– Cats or Dogs? 26% have cats and 33% of us have dogs. But we don’t stop at cats and dogs… we also have a pet vacuum Roomba, mice, peppermint shrimp, and parakit!

– Music: 21% of us play the guitar (air and real) and 14% of us play the piano. In addition, we have a few talented musicians who play saxophone, cello, and violin.

– Caffeine: 43% of us prefer coffee over tea. Only 2% of us don’t like either coffee or tea, while the rest of us live on it smile How about you?

More fun facts to come in the future! We’re looking forward to getting to know you and having you get to know each of us. If you have ANY questions for us, don’t hesitate to share them in the thread and we will pick a total of 15 random questions to answer in a post next week.

Please limit your questions to one per person so everyone gets a fair shot.

Can’t wait to see what you guys are going to ask!



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Hey Everyone!

Great news: You can include more kinds of items in your Wish List now smile

We heard through the Community Support Center that many of you haven’t been able to add certain items to your Wish Lists, so our engineers have been working hard on fixing this.

It’s now fixed so we hope you take this opportunity to update your Wish List and Have List with items ranging from: the weekly secret items, level-up plushies, old holiday items, and items you only can get by harvesting smile

This means you can now add the dinosaurs to your Wish Lists too. Like this little guy below:



*apologies for the late posting of this SPP NEWS*