Fuzzy Wuzzy Hat

priced @ 200 coins


5 Responses to “SECRET ITEM”

  1. it is so dumb that we have to pay for the secret item. if they want us to pay for it, they should just sell it. the only fun of a secret item is getting something for free…

  2. I logged in last night and was shocked to see that the cost of my secret item was 200 coins. It is not cute and when I fist saw it on another pet it looked like the raccoon tail was a deformed wing. Needless to say I did not buy it 😦

  3. kitties4me Says:

    it`s certainly not worth the 200 coin…JMO

  4. tabbykat2010 Says:

    so do we have to pay for the secret items now?? ummmk.

    • Yes, currently this secret item has a fee to it when you purchase it. There have been others in the past that have been the same way. Though it is not very often that they actually charge for them. Hope this reply helps and thank you for your comment.

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