January 1,2014

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I find that hair is over-rated and I wanted to share my hair journey with anyone that cares to see it. I have shaved my head completely bald and for 1 year I am not cutting it. I will be showing a picture every day and see how its growing. I will be wearing wigs headbands and just having fun with it. I am hoping that people wont judge anyone that loses hair to cancer and other illnesses. If I can go bald and be proud I hope it changes just one persons mind. I will also be sharing my feelings for the day so I hope people enjoy it. If there is something you want to see on my head please let me know. I am not afraid to try.


New Bitty Pets!

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I don’t know how many people out there still come to see us but we are here if you ever need anything.  I wanted to update all you SPP Addicts out there that there is now a new app called Bitty Pets. So far from playing with my new pet Foxy Lady it is running close to if not better than SPP ever did.  Also our very own Nick has already started Bitty Pets Addict!  Go by there and say HI!

Though I am not around much anymore I will try my best to update all of my wonderful followers (if there are any left) of any changes.  Of course you could just migrate over to see Nick.  Tell him I sent you!  LOL

We have moved!!!

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We have been looking into web hosting for Addict.  We have wanted to be able get rid of the “.wordpress” part of our web address.  I looked around and the best deal I could find was $50 for a year or a little over $4 a month.  We got our readers input on whether they would be willing to help foot the bill.  Well not many seems interested.  Then came along The SPP Store and there offer to host our site and get our new domain name.  So without further adieu we will be moving SPP Addict to our new home….


Please bookmark this new page and continue to visit us there.  Though excuse the mess while we move some of the content over to the new home.


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Spa ‘Cumbers
Spa Towel Wrap
Spa Oranges
Romantic Bunch of Roses
Tabletop Candlestick Trio
Romantic Chocolate Box
Romantic Diner Chair
Romantic Diner Table
True Love’s Engagement Box
Plastic Red Heart
Romantic Chocolate Cake
Plate of Heart Candy
Romantic Pink Rose
Romantic Red Rose
Romantic White Rose
Romantic Yellow Rose
Romantic Tabletop Roses
Romantic Diner Glass
Lovely PetSpa
White Spa Flower
Spa Flower
Green Tea Spa Soap
Spa Soap Stones
Rolled Up Spa Towel
Ocean Spa Candle
Fresh Breeze Spa Candle
Kitty Spa Plushie (rare)
Monkey Spa Plushie (rare)
Piggy Spa Plushie (rare)
Small Spa Stone
Spa Stone’,’tags
Smooth Spa Stone
Bowl of Fragrant Flowers
Blue Spa Bed
White Spa Bed
Wooden Spa Table
Becca at The Spa (penguin)
Gloria at the Spa (chicken)
Spa Spout
Green Spa Oil
Yellow Spa Oil
Red Spa Oil
Spa Lunch
Petly Cup
USA Hockey Turtle Plushie
Wooden Hockey Stick
USA Hockey Stick
Canadian Hockey Stick
Canadian Hockey Sheep Plushie
Petly Cup Hockey Puck
Computer Fan
Computer Tiger Plushie (rare)
Green Computer Table
Black Computer Table
Green Computer Side Table
Black Computer Side Table
Computer Plant
Computer Chip Picture’
Green Computer Lamp
Black Computer Lamp
Green Computer Dresser
Black Computer Dresser
Green Computer Couch
Black Computer Couch
Geek Alert Habitat
Petly Cup Rink
Hollywood Chihuahua Purse
American Hockey Helmet
American Goalie Hockey Helmet

Are you a true Ice Princess? Collect everything in the luxurious Ice Set!
-Beloved Snowflake (rare)
-Cherished Snowflake (rare)
-Treasured Snowflake (rare)
-Most Favorite Snowflake (rare)
Ice Princess’ Favorite Snowflakes

What craftsmanship! Check back every week for your favorite pet’s sculpture.
Doggy Ice Sculpture
Frog Ice Sculpture
Tiger Ice Sculpture

jan 27th gold

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Basic & Deluxe Mystery boxes

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January Birthstone Seed

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The January Birthstone Seed can grow wonderful garnet stones! Can you grow the Garnet Birthstone, Garnet Staff, Garnet Necklace, or Garnet Fairy Doll? These special Birthstone Seeds are released once a month!

January Birthstone Seed

Fertilizer: Both Color and Gold
Grow Time: 72 hours

Garnet Birthstone

Garnet Staff

Garnet Necklace

Garnet Fairy Doll (gold)

**I personally have had a conversation with a dear friend of mine, back when slide released the Dino seed. She was sweet enough to pass on a idea to slide about a seed they should do of Birthstone seeds. So, with seeing this new seed and a new monthly gem seed comming out each month I would like to say …….. Thank You Gwen for your thought on this and glad it has come to pass in a round-a-bout way.**